About me

i am a mother, daughter, sister and friend.
i simply love my family, friends and animals.
i live on Whidbey Island in the middle of Puget Sound.
i'm addicted to nature and think sunrises are the very best.
my favorite foods are vegetables but I like almost everything.
i love classic things with a unique twist.
i love adventure.
i love to laugh.  
i love music.
i love yoga.
i love animals.
i love to travel.
i love good wine.
i love to scuba dive.
i love to cook, bake and eat.
i love hanging out with my friends.
i love taking underwater photographs.
i love to listen to you talk about your interests.
i love to relax with a good book and will lose myself in it.
i love walking on the beach and skipping rocks along the water.
i went to school for fashion merchandising but appraise real estate.
i love life.